5 Things You Might Not Know About Dressage Freestyles

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Dressage World Cup 2015 Riders

If you haven’t ridden a dressage freestyle before, here are 5 things that you might not know about dancing with your horse.

You can ride a freestyle at every level, beginning with training level. This means that you don’t have to wait until you’re an FEI rider to ride one!

You must qualify to show a freestyle. To qualify for Training – Fourth level freestyles, you must achieve a 60% or better at the highest test of the level in which you intend to perform your freestyle OR a 60% or better at any test of a higher level.

Your freestyle music can have lyrics. While the lyrics should compliment the ride, not distract from it, songs with lyrics are permitted.

There are time limits. Freestyle rides at Fourth level and below must be less than 5 minutes long. At the FEI levels, the time allowed varies by level. Grand Prix freestyles are the longest, with a maximum allowed time of 6 minutes.

It’s the most fun you can have on a dressage court. You and your horse will love it.